Are you going to travel with your dog?  Most people are so focused on making sure they don’t forget anything (for themselves), they don’t spend enough time thinking about their dog!  So in the mad dash to pack and head out the door, we created a handy checklist to help out.


Pre-Trip Checklist

1) Your Home Vet Info: Make sure you take along the contact info for your local vet, although most people will simply rely on their smartphones now to look it up if needed!

2) Destination Vet Info: You might want to research the best vet / animal hospital at your destination ahead of time, that way if something comes up you have a plan in place.

3) Vaccination Records: It’s usually a good idea to keep a handy copy of your dog’s vaccination records when you travel.

4) Tags and Photo: Make sure your dog’s tags are up-to-date with your contact info, including your cell phone since simply having your address on the tag probably won’t help much when far from home!  Also, take a picture of your dog from a couple of angles and keep it in your purse / wallet when you travel, just in case.

5) Pet-Friendly Accommodations: It’s always a good idea to call the hotel (or wherever you’re staying) and make sure they are pet-friendly.  Even if their website says pets are ok, you should always ask to be sure their policies haven’t changed!


Trip Checklist

6) Medications / Supplements: Don’t forget your dog’s medications, and check to make sure you have enough to last the duration of your trip.

7) Collar and Leash: Most places don’t allow dogs off of a leash, plus you want to make sure fido doesn’t run off while you’re in unfamiliar surroundings.

8) Food and Water: Food is pretty obvious, but many people neglect to bring water.  You never know when it will actually be difficult to get water, so it’s best to just be prepared.  Also, you may want to get water bottles with a tightly sealing squirt-bottle type cap so you can quickly and easily give your dog a drink.

9) Food and Water Bowls: There are lots of awesome collapsible food and water bowls for travel, so pick some up!

10) Travel Crate / Mattress / Blanket: This completely depends on your travel arrangements and the size of your dog.  Chances are, you have this one figured out already, but you may want to bring a mattress or blanket for use in the car and at your destination.

11) Toys / Chews: Even if your dog isn’t big on playing with toys, you may want to bring something extra to distract them if need-be, and if your dog is teething you definitely want chew toys so they don’t destroy that nice chair in the corner of the hotel room!

12) Backpack: If you plan on going for walks, hiking, or spending time at a beach while traveling, its best to have something to carry all your dogs essentials in!

13) Poop Bags: Speaking of essentials, make sure you bring poop bags!  There are great little travel cases for poop bags out there, and many that will attach directly to your leash for convenience.

14) First Aid Kit: Just in case, put together a simple first aid kit that includes absorbent gauze, adhesive tape (the thin type that won’t stick too bad to hair/fur), tweezers, and pet-friendly antiseptic wipes or triple antibiotic ointment (do NOT get Neosporin as this can cause a slight burning sensation on open wounds).

15) Paper Towels / Baby Wipes: So you can quickly clean up little messes if they happen!

16) Treats: You still need to reward good behavior on vacation!  Take along your dog’s favorite treats to reward them, and even help keep them in line with all of the new distractions they will be facing.


Optional Items

We’re just going to list out a few other items that you may want to consider as well:

– Training Aids
– Safety Harness
– Booties
– Brush
– Lint Roller / Tape
– Shampoo
– Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste
– Flashlight / High-Vis Vest
– Ziplock Bags

That’s a LOT of items!  Hopefully this checklist helps you out and let’s you focus on enjoying your trip instead of fretting about what you forgot.

We’d love to hear about your doggy travel tips, or anything you feel we forgot on our checklist, so leave a comment below!

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