Everybody knows about the big “O”… Obedience class, that is!  There are many levels of obedience class, and if you’re not experienced and comfortable training a puppy on your own, they can definitely be the way to go.

Obedience class isn’t the only class in town, however.  Well, unless you’re in a really small town, in which case you may have to do a bit of traveling to find some of these other super fun classes to take with your puppy!

Let’s run through a few classes out there you may not have heard of, including:

1. Single Day Training

These are typically classes focused on a single topic such as door manners, street smarts, nosework, focused attention, recall, and others!

2. K9 Nosework

This class will help teach your dog to recognize and find different odors, which is fun for both them and you.

3. K9 Good Citizen

Usually these classes are the basis for working to become a service dog, but can benefit all dogs even if they have no plans to become a service dog.

4. Guide or Service Dog

Usually these classes are restricted to people raising dogs to become official guide or service dogs, but you may ask, as some training centers teach side classes to “normal” dogs as well!  Service dog classes can be especially helpful in teaching your puppy real-world skills.

5. Socialization

Again, these classes can be restricted to guide or service dog trainers, and help with specific training scenarios such as fire stations, bus station and bus stops, shopping malls, sports games, etc.  You may also find lower-level socialization classes available to all puppies, you just need to ask around.

6. Tricks

There are a bazillion variations on “tricks” classes, and often come in different levels that you can graduate to!

7. Sport Dog

Kind of like the tricks classes, but more athletic in nature, encompassing learning to back up, crawl, weave, balance, etc.

8. K9 Freestyle

This has nothing to do with rapping!  Although that might be cool!  This is a mixture of obedience, tricks, and even some sport training.

9. Treibball

This is a newer game that consists of herding exercise balls into a net, kind of like soccer but with multiple balls and no flopping penalties.  😉

10. Rally Obedience

This will totally depend on your puppy / breed and whether they have the temperament to do this.  Obedience class coupled with a course that must be followed.

11. Agility

Play time!  Running, weaving, tunnels, platforms… you know what this is about.  Fun for the pups, but some tend to wander a bit more than others!

12. Zen

These can be a mixture of different things, and sometimes even get termed “doggy yoga”.  Classes designed for dogs with different kinds of physical and personality issues.

So those are some super fun classes you should check out!  Let us know in the comments below if you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

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