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Author: Puppyfied

Fun classes to check out with your puppy!

Everybody knows about the big “O”… Obedience class, that is!  There are many levels of obedience class, and if you’re not experienced and comfortable training a puppy on your own, they can definitely be the way to go. Obedience class isn’t the only class in town, however.  Well, unless you’re in a really small town, in which case you may have to do a bit of traveling to find some of these other super fun classes to take with your puppy! Let’s run through a few classes out there you may not have heard of, including: 1. Single Day...

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Puppyfied’s ultimate dog travel checklist.

Are you going to travel with your dog?  Most people are so focused on making sure they don’t forget anything (for themselves), they don’t spend enough time thinking about their dog!  So in the mad dash to pack and head out the door, we created a handy checklist to help out.   Pre-Trip Checklist 1) Your Home Vet Info: Make sure you take along the contact info for your local vet, although most people will simply rely on their smartphones now to look it up if needed! 2) Destination Vet Info: You might want to research the best vet /...

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What your dog’s hair standing up might mean.

So, your dog’s hair just stood up on end… what does it mean?!  Most people would immediately assume their dog is about to attack something or somebody, but that’s not necessarily the case.  A dog’s hair can raise up for a variety of reasons, and with a little observation you can easily read what’s going on. A dog’s hair can stand on end when:   1. Aggression is in the Air Along with excitement, this behavior is usually easy to spot.  Jill Breitner, a dog trainer and behavior specialist says to look for: “slightly raised hair at the shoulders...

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